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  • Derrick McDaniel

    Derrick McDaniel

    “Mr. Eldercare 101”

    Derrick Y. McDaniel “Mr. Eldercare 101” is the author of the critically acclaimed book entitled: Eldercare, The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Loved One And Yourself. http://bit.ly/EldercareGuideBook He works with caregivers to provide the absolute best care to their elderly loved ones while simultaneously helping them to care for themselves, and their careers. In addition to his consulting and professional speaking roles he is a Principal and Managing Director at S.E. & D. Enterprises a privately owned and managed company focusing on the Senior Care industry, and host of both the Mr. Eldercare101 podcast and video series. Two decades ago McDaniel entered the eldercare industry on the client side. As the primary caregiver to his grandmother his initial industry experiences were from the caregiver perspective as he cared for an aging loved one. His role as a caregiver continues to influence his perspectives and he typically writes and speaks from a "caregiver-centric" outlook. Derrick educates, engages, and amuses audiences with real stories pulled from his personal experiences as the primary caregiver to his grandmother and those of the thousands of caregivers he’s encountered over the past two decades. His expert knowledge of eldercare and naturally funny personality amuses audiences while giving them the tools necessary to best care for their loved ones and themselves while remaining productive at work. Mr. McDaniel frequently serves as a commentator (Television & Radio) regarding eldercare issues and contributes industry related articles to magazines (Domestic and International) & online publications. Over the past 20 years he has counseled several hundred families and thousands of caregivers both formally and informally.